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Leading Protocol Design

YFX adopts the PvPool (PvP) trading mechanism, allowing traders and liquidity pools to trade directly. Liquidity providers can add or remove liquidity for linear, inverse, and quanto contracts to or from single-asset pools with no impermanent loss.

High-quality Price Feeds

V3 mainly uses Chainlink price feeds, supplemented by the latest price on major centralized exchanges. The high-quality price feeds ensure all transactions are carried out at real-time market prices.

High Transparency

All of YFX's smart contracts have been audited and published on GitHub. You can view and verify all your transactions on the blockchain explorer.


YFX V3 is the latest upgraded version of V2. YFX V3 mainly adds aggregated fund pools, ChainLink price feeds, a new Earn model, a new hedge position mode, funding fees, borrowing fees, liquidity provider tokens YLPs, a more incentivized referral program, and a new UI design that makes the protocol more decentralized and easier to use.

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Developed in 2022, YFX V2 improves UI design and adds new features like the single position model, limit orders, take profit & stop loss orders, and funding fees.

The newly improved UI offers a better trading experience for professional traders.

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YFX is a leading pioneer of decentralized perpetual exchanges.

Founded in June 2020, YFX has achieved steady growth for three years and has deployed on multiple blockchains like Tron, BSC, Heco, and xDAI.

YFX V2 is now live, and support for the Heco, BSC, and xDAI public chains has been suspended. Please move your funds to the YFX V2 as soon as possible.

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YFX Token
400,000,000 Circulating Supply
5,000,000 Total Supply
100,000,000 Max Supply
3,000,000 Market Cap
5,000,000 YFX Burned
28,761 Holders
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