YFX is a decentralized perpetual trading platform. All the assets are hold by smart contract. Our smart contract been audited by professional institutions. You have full control of the fund trade in our smart contract.

  • First Defi trading platform support 100X Leverage.
  • First Defi trading platform support Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Heco
  • First trading platform support coin margin swap, USDT swap and hybrid swap.

Order would be first put on blockchain then filled with the price set in the order.

To avoid delay and uncertainty on blockchain, YFX invent QIC price quotation system to guarantee trading efficiency and fairness.

  • Step one, trader put their order onto blockchain.
  • Step two, QIC price index system feed smart contract with the price at the time order been put on blockchain.
  • Last step, smart contract open or close position.

Every order and their P&L were isolated.


QIC-AMM which short for Quoted Index price and Constant integral based Automated Market Maker.

The trader directly completes the long or short order with the automatic market maker according to the price at QIC-AMM. There is no slippage, the depth is a function of the available balance of the LP pool, and there is no impermanence loss in the LP pool.

  • YFX's price index is calculated using a weighted average of last Prices from coinbase. binance, kraken, bitstamp, huobi and oec.
  • QIC-AMM would automatically remove deviation value of mistake price.
  • QIC-AMM use constant integral to calculate depth of Market Maker Pool and use normal distribution on liquidity provider for depth of Market Maker Pool, X~N(indexprice, σ2)

Each trading pair has a market maker pool, and users' trades and P&L are settled with the market maker pool.

All trades would be made with the Market Maker Pool. For each trading pair, there is a Market Maker Pool, orders are settled in Market Maker Pool. As market maker, you only need to staking one type of token to Market Maker Pool, redeem your fund in Market Maker Pool at anytime you want.

  • Step one, staking with one Market Maker Pool.
  • Step two, Market Maker Pool system would automatically send you LP token.
  • Last step, when you want get your fund back from Market Maker Pool, just simply choose to redemption. The system will automatically calculate the value of your LP token and send fund to your wallet.

Market Maker Pool will earn a portion of trading fee, redeem fee and trading profit.

YFX solved system liquidation issue.

In YFX, market maker use a different leverage as traders. In a normal situation, market maker would use 1/5 leverage when a trader trade with QIC-AMM. For example, when a trader open a position of 100 USDT, 10x leverage long position, QIC-AMM will use 2x leverage, in this case 500 USDT will be frozen in market maker's account.

Both traders and market maker have a loss and profit cap with in the case of liquidation, the trading platform won't afford any loss from market swing and protect all assets in our smart contract.

  • This mechanism prevent systematical liquidation rick by put a cap on winning and losing traders.
  • This mechanism can prevent losing traders drop below zero.
  • This mechanism can avoid trading failure caused by block time delay and other uncertainly issues.

YFX( Your Future Exchange)

In Math, We Trust. In Blockchain, We Trustless.


Why choose YFX


YFX's smart contract is audited by several blockchain security institutions. Users have full control of their asset through smart contract.

Multiple trading options

Support 100x leverage trading for multiple type of crypto assets.

Easy Access

YFX has no interest in your personal data. No email, phone number or photo ID needs to provide. No KYC. Trade 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

High liquidity pool

YFX use QIC-AMM provide high liquidation and low slippage.  We design LP pool correlate to depth of the market to avoid impermanence loss.

Cross-chain trading

YFX be the first Defi trading platform support cross-chain trading. User can choose to trade on Ethereum, Tron, BSC and Heco chain.

System de-risk mechanism

No systematic liquidation under extrem market swing.


Q & A

  • Trader and Market Maker

    You can choose Trader and/or Market Maker to start your journey at YFX. As a trader use your experience and try your luck to appreciate your asset. As a market maker, your role is to provide liquidity and earn a part of transaction fee and trading profit from QIC-AMM.

  • On-chain price oracle are less efficiency caused by delay and uncertainty of blockchain. Because current blockchain tech can't meet trading requirement, we used a centralized QIC price quotation system for now. QIC price is based on the latest price trade on the several large crypto exchanges. Anyone could verify YFX's price index.

  • User's maximum position is correlated to Market Maker Pool fund.

  • Market makers pool = frozen amount + unused fund + unrealized P&L. Currently, for up to 60% of fund in Market makers pool would be use for margin, these fund would be locked by smart contract when user trade with market maker pool. The rest fund(40%) are provide liquidity for Market makers pool. In case there is not enough fund for liquidation use, user need to wait until a margin unfreeze.

  • Currently YFX charge a 0.05% for open and close a position and 0.1% fee on redemption from Market Maker Pool.

  • For the current version, there's no funding fee on YFX. To balance the trading system, we design that everyone could only hold one position for up to 1 million block time on TRON, BSC and Heco, for Ethereum it will be 200,000 block which is around 30 days.

  • It is prohibited to access or use our services if you are located, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a citizen or resident of or been a citizen of U.S., Quebec(Canada), Singapore, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Mainland China.


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